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Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony

"I wish people would just stop dropping their T's."

John C Dvorak

Club Membership: Welcome

No Agenda Tea Club

With over 7000 teas available, finding new ones to enjoy can be daunting. The club helps members try numerous teas without committing to buying a larger quantity.

Each month we send a package of loose leaf premium fine teas to quench the drinking needs of every Dame, Knight, douchebag, slave and troll. Most of our tea's are hand picked, produced and packaged for you off of the grid.

The first order comes with a stainless steel tea infuser which is easy to use and negates the need for teabags. With our tea basket, available on the No Agenda products page, making the perfect cup of tea is simple and without the drawbacks to drink good tea. 

Research teabags, and you will soon realise why we do not use them. Besides the bag, most of the tea in these bags are made from fannings, that being the tea that falls off of the main tea cuttings at the factory. They are swept up, often covered in pepper, before being chopped for filling a bag. Before the advent of the teabag this material would have been thrown away. 


There are two membership levels to choose from, although we recommend transporting tea in the tin/canned option due to the delicate nature of the leaves. The alternative option is in bags that are boxed to keep the delivery costs down.

Get your taste buds all jiddy with a variety of high quality tea from our ranges. 

Black Leaves Matter, there is nothing like a Hit In The Mouth with a whoopin´ of black power, which is guaranteed not to taste like you are sucking in soot. 

The most twisted, super rare White Suprema Tea, the perfect compliment to the Mac and Cheese Life. 

Do your bit for the community by going green and taking the Boosty Boost Tea into your life.

The No Agenda Tea Club follows the Value For Value protocols, with a proportion of your purchase going to support the No Agenda Show. You will also be supporting the growth of the No Agenda Plantation in Uganda, one of the poorest countries in the World where shredded clothes are not just a Hollywood fashion statement. 

"I know a lot of people want to send blankets or water. Just send your cash. One of the things we will do is make sure your money in spent wisely." 

                                   This is a Club, and most certainly is not a Cult. 

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